Look closely, and tell me what you see?

 I refer to my creations as kreationz that will truly open your eyes, expanding the way you view things, and inspiring a new way of thinking and seeing. I know that my viewers will always be able to discover something new within my prints, despite the amount of time that passes.

The inspiration for my creations comes from creative thoughts and the natural world around me, which I observe with an open mind. I find myself as an creator without limits on myself or what can be created. I want to push the limits of normal perception giving life to something new that invites the viewer to think outside the box and beneath the surface. 

My philosophy is that everything that exists has been created by someone for some reason, and creativity is the key. Things start in the mind and then are made into physical form, and every object around me is an example of this. Ultimately, I want everything I do to have meaning and be able to connect with others in a positive way, giving them a new outlook on the possibilities of life.